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Our Mission

Special Camp for Special Kids provides a revolutionary educational and recreational summer day camp for youth with disabilities in one-to-one peer relationships with volunteer counselors. By providing an encouraging, loving, and fun environment, the Special Camp Program seeks to enrich our participants' social development, educational objectives, emotional well-being, and community awareness. Special Camp exists to inspire future generations to eliminate the stigma associated with the disabled community through the core principles of compassion, service, opportunity, and love.

Our Vision  
  • The principle of Compassion. To be continually attentive and responsive to the needs, desires, and dreams of the individuals, families, and communities we represent and serve.  

  • The principle of Service. To give of ourselves to others in need of our spirit, leadership, resources, labor, and love. Also, to create, sustain, and promote service education opportunities which empower social awareness and activism.

  • The principle of Opportunity. To cultivate opportunities for others to succeed and grow, especially where opportunity has been stifled, overlooked, or withheld.

  • The principle of Love. To cherish and respect all whom we encounter regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, creed, and ability. To love others as one would want to be loved.

Special Camp for Special Kids actively serves the Southern California  area by offering an exceptional and revolutionary educational, recreational, service-oriented program. Special Camp for Special Kids is pursuing opportunities to expand our program to reach other parts of the United States. We recognize that there is an urgent need for qualified, innovative programs for children and teens with disabilities. It is our vision and goal to develop new sites to host Special Camp in the upcoming years. We welcome all inquires and support toward our vision of reaching out to new communities.

If you have any questions or would like to offer support, please contact 
Lindsay Eres, Executive Director, either by email or by phone (949) 661-0108, extension 1226.

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